October 3, 2018

Bangles are one of the earliest forms of jewelry and have been used by men and women alike for centuries. Archaeologists have found evidence pointing to their existence over 4000 years ago in South Asia. During these years, bangles have reappeared time and time again in slightly different motifs but have always retained their simple, basic design. Today, whether simple or ornate, bangles still possess strong religious and cultural symbolism in some parts of the world. They are also ideal gifts that can be handed down through a family as heirloom items. So choosing a good bangle can mean a lot. Below are some aspects you need to put under consideration when buying a bangle.

1. Types Of Bangles

The first thing you need to know when getting a bangle bracelet is deciding what kind of bracelet you exactly want because there are a number of bangles available in the market.

Solid Bangle- This is the oldest form and has proven the most popular in recent times. It features a rigid circular band that is worn by moving it over the fingers and wrist. Wearers need to be especially particular with size here, as whether it is too small or big, it won’t be able to fit.

Hinged Bangle- This kind of bangle features a hinge that is opened when being worn. The task of wearing this kind of bangle is lightened with the use of the hinge which makes it fit over different sizes of hands.

Expanding Bangle- The expanding bangle features a small opening that makes it easier to wear and allows it to fit on higher parts of the arm.

Beads Bangles- A wide variety of beads have been used in the production of bangle bracelets. Be sure to clarify with the seller whether beads used in a bracelet are glass, plastic, metal, or stone. Those items made from semi-precious and precious gemstones will command prices significantly higher than those made from all other types of beads.

2. Types Of Materials

Bangle bracelets are one of the few pieces of jewelry that incorporate a multitude of materials in their design. They can be made from wood, glass, plastic and various kinds of metals. When buying one, you should consider what purpose or occasion you want it exactly for.

Wooden Bangles- Timber has that classic and antique feel which goes perfectly with any casual outfit. You can either choose from those finishes or settle on one that appeals to your personal style. They come with attractive carvings which are guaranteed to make you stand out.

Glass Bangles- Incredibly stunning, this is your gateway to really spicing up an outfit. They come in different colors that can be matched with other accessories. Indian bangles that contain different colors possess different meanings. Red symbolizes energy, blue alludes to wisdom and yellow means happiness. With this in mind, colored bangles can prove to be a brilliant gift. Just make sure to handle them with care as they can be fragile.

Plastic Bangles- These are perfect for every day wear as they are durable. They are also pretty cheap which means you can get quite a number of them and keep interchanging. Plastic bangles come in an assortment of different designs and colors. So wearing plastic bangles is a perfect way to accessorize an outfit.

Gold Bangles- The gold denotes prosperity when worn as jewelry. So gold bangles are perfect when worn with gowns at dinner parties or even with a pair of jeans. They sometimes feature beautiful engravings that add to the aesthetic value. However, you need to keep it in mind that it is important to deal with a reputable merchant when buying gold bangles so as to receive a superior quality for your investment.

Silver Bangles- There is something truly extraordinary about silver. It is subtle yet tremendously elegant at the same time. Silver bangles also adopt these attributes. They can be worn with absolutely any kind of outfit and are a must-have in any jewelry box worth its salt.

Jade Bangles- Jade refers to both jadeite and nephrite. When people use the word jade, they are actually referring to jadeite, which is the high-quality material you always see in jewelry. Genuine Jade Bangles are very popular in Asian culture. Chinese grandparents often give jadeite bangles to newborns as an amulet, because in Chinese tradition, jadeite rids evil ghosts and protects young and insecure souls. The shape of a bangle bracelet represents happiness and completion.